How to be a Ghost

1. Introduction

2. ESXI Architecture and Hypervisor Support

2.1 Installing ESXi

2.2 Creating Virtual Templates

3. Creating Virtual Private Servers

3.1 Creating a VPS

3.2 Purchasing VPS Anonymously

1. Bitcoin

2. Gift Cards

3.3. Using VPS and VPN Together

4. Social Media

6.1 d0xed And What Does It Mean?

6.2 10 Commandments of Researchers

6.3 Setting up Bitcoin Payments

7. How to Operate Legally

Final Thoughts

Being a Ghost is certainly not easy in today’s social media dominant landscape. However, with the right choices and a bit of “technical education”, the average user can protect themselves from harm. Understanding “digital footprint” and its role as an “intangible currency” will give users the sense of how important security is. At the end of the day, we are surrounded by personas. Knowing which one is real and which is not makes the job of being a ghost a lot more easier.

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